It started with a name…

In late February 2013, two of our founding partners were celebrating completion of the first phase of a personal development workshop at a bar in NYC. New found friends, who had just met days before at the course, there was much much excitement and creativity in the air.

All being musicians and lovers of music, the conversation turned to the topic of expression. Ray made a statement, using a phrase he had come up with, that “music is my first language”, and how it allows him to express himself in ways that words cannot. Tommy quickly responded, ”that would look great on a t-shirt!”

The idea that no matter what culture, economic background, or beliefs you have, music is the thread that ties us all together. Whether you can understand the words or not, what music can make you feel is a language in and of itself. Music takes us on a journey weaving a story and clearly conveying the emotion and energy of the artist.

Needless to say, a few hours later and several trains home missed, the phrase had quickly turned into the possibility of a new business venture.

In the following weeks, the excitement had not diminished. Brainstorming led to thinking about what could be created. Acknowledging (Realizing) that the gift of learning and performing music was truly transformational in people’s lives, the thought moved to how it could benefit children.

It is no mystery that with rising costs of just providing the basics in our schools, funding for arts and music programming is being cut at every turn. What once was a cornerstone of a child’s education, is now a “nice thing to have”, but not required.

The thing about that is there is no less desire from the kids to learn and play music. Those who have the means to take private lessons are very fortunate, but there are many who are not so fortunate.

Our mission at Music Is My First Language is to provide sustainable music education programming for any kid who wants to learn, encouraging every one to “find their song”.