Through MiMFL branded clothing and merchandise, commercial music releases, corporate sponsorships and strategic partnerships, Music Is My First Language will fund its own sustainable educational programs, helping kids on their musical journey through their formative years. This includes extensive outreach programs in public schools, community based workshops, private music scholarships, summer camps and online resources.

· Over our first three years, we will offer several series of community based music workshops in each of our four launch markets as well as offer outreach program to at least ten public schools in each of our four launch markets.

· Creation of the MiMFL Accredited Music School Program will enable scholarships in the launch cities as well as global expansion.

· We will establish MiMFL dedicated teaching, performance, recording and exhibition facilities in flagship cities.

· In the first three years we will oversee creation of programs in at least ten additional cities.

· In year three, MiMFL will launch a massive open online course (MOOC). This will be a large scale interactive participatory educational portal which connects and empowers local communities across the globe.


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