Wavelab Software Review

Wavelab by Steinberg This program is actually really good. You can use multiple real-time effects. It was able to immediately see and use my sonic foundry Direct-X plug-ins. I like the 3d spectrum analyzer. You can fly samples to and from your favorite sampler. I was surprised to find that it was able to recognize […]


More Conga Expertise!

More Conga Expertise! Second Line on Conga Technique. Your hands have never sounded so good… In the “First Line….,” we talked about some general approaches and philosophies that will keep you out of the emergency room. Let’s get specific about conga sounds and the mechanics of each in playing. By the time you’re done here, […]


A First Line on Conga Technique

Getting back to basics with your chops and keeping both hands. A First Line on Conga Technique Lots of bands throw a pair of congas in front of the backup vocals to fill in some space or have a full-blown percussionist on stage for extra energy. Whether you’re either of these people, you can really […]

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