The Shaping Forces of Music Workshop with Jay Rodriguez

Please join us for our next free NYC workshop with Grammy-nominated composer and instrumentalist Jay Rodriguez as he shares inspirational styles and idealized concepts for the melodious workshop Music is My First Language.

Using the tuneful concepts of everything from basic counterpoint and form to orchestration and improvisation, Mr. Rodriguez takes viewers into the world of musical enrichment by teaching and creating a new work with active participation from the audience. A learning experience unlike any other, Jay encourages and motivates children and adults of all ages by helping them to discover and unleash the maestro inside all of us!

Mr. Rodriguez will lead the audience on a 2 hour rhythmic journey of sounds, tones, and performance all while explaining the concepts learned at the completion of each exercise.

Outline for the workshop

  1. Mono linguistics and the overtone series.
  2. The pentatonic scale throughout the world and in our lives
  3. Harmony VS Chords.
  4. Melody
  5. Counterpoint (point of contrast ) formative vs. ornamental
  6. Form
  7. The composition will be exhibited.

No experience necessary! Moreover this is a MUSIC workshop – a journey of understanding music and composition. You do not have to be an instrumentalist to participate but if you play a wind instrument – Children and adults alike – Bring them! Flutes, recorders, saxophones, clarinets, oboes, trumpets and more – all are welcome!

About Jay Rodriguez:

Jay Rodriguez has had the distinct pleasure of working alongside composers like Philip Glass, Francis Kuipers and directors Godfrey Reggio, Bill Morrison, Michele Stephenson and Shawn Batey. Jay has not only taught in all parts of the world from Egypt to Denmark, but he has composed music of all genres, ranging from Classical Jazz to Dubstep. He has worked with the Gil Evans band, Kenny Barron, Teruo Nakamura, Victor Jones, Eddie Palmieri, Widespread Panic, Medeski, Martin & Wood, DJ Premiere, Elvis Costello, Prince, Selah Sue and Musiq Soulchild. Recently honored by Ornette Coleman, Mr. Rodriguez works currently as the lead saxophonist for the Ornette Coleman Quartet.

To read more please visit Jay Rodriguez’s website



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