Guitar Workshop with Justin Cash [DFW,TX]

Come join us for our first FREE DFW workshop! Children 9-17 years are welcome!

This interactive workshop with local recording artist, guitarist and educator Justin Cash will start off with a live performance from the band, followed by an introduction to electric guitar and a ‘power of music’ demonstration. The kids will get involved with call and response, basic rhythms and the chance to play around with guitar effects. The workshop will close with q&a after a fun ‘live looper’ recording

Justin’s style of feel-good rhythm and blues has grown out of his unstoppable personality and tendency to view the struggle of life through a lens of hope.  Justin grew up moving around the US, has spent two years in Spain, and his blues-rock roots have picked up a variety of flavors along the way.  Justin brings you to a feel good place where music grooves and melody is king, with songs that acknowledge a range of emotions, yet are propelled by his active belief that there is good in the world.

All attendees will receive a free Music is My First Language tee-shirt and wristband they are encouraged to wear during the workshop.

See you on October 19th @ 1.30pm for registration. Workshop will run from 2-4pm

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