Help us Launch the MiMFL Foundation and Jumpstart Music Bootcamp!

We Need Your Help!

We have three key initiatives at MiMFL that we need your help with. Please consider donating what you can afford!

1) Launch the MiMFL Foundation (non profit) – This will be the way we help kids who can’t afford it to take advantage of our educational programs.

2) Kickstart MixLuv – Collaboration and cultural exchange is at the heart of the MiMFL mission and is realized through the MixLuv music collaboration online community.

2) Jumpstart Music Bootcamp – A series of events bringing musically gifted children together from diverse cultures to create great music. Cultural exchange at it’s best.

Everyone who donates will have their name immortalized on our Founding Donor Wall on the website. We will also be coming up with several additional ways to thank our donors, depending on level of donation. However the main benefit is the knowledge that you are helping further the goal to create a long lasting and life changing program to enrich children’s lives with music. For which we, and the kids who go through the program will be eternally grateful.

The Music is My First Language Foundation

To get out of the door quickly and start giving kids who couldn’t otherwise experience it quality, sustainable music education experiences, we decided to form an LLC. However right from the start we spent many hours debating the pros and cons of profit vs non profit structures. We had always intended to have a non profit foundation as part of our activities, but the horror stories of how long it can take to get a 501(C)3 organization up and running jarred against our eagerness to get out there delivering programs to kids as soon as we could. We are now in the position, after lengthy talks with our advisors, to get the process underway to form the Music is My Fist Language Foundation alongside our continuing activities with the for profit organization.

The Benefits of a non-profit Foundation  – Non-profit status makes it abundantly clear to our supporters, the kids, and their parents that we are entirely focused on delivering world class music education programs without any consideration to making money. It also opens up doors to a whole new world of corporate donation, where the tax advantages of donating to a worthy cause can be properly reflected in the donators finances.

Logistics – Although it’s possible to complete IRS Form 1023 ourselves, it will require many hours of research and writing.  The risk of making costly mistakes is high. The IRS projects 100+ hours of work for a first-time applicant.  MiMFL will be seeking the advice of some of the best non profit attorneys in the business.

Challenges – The MiMFL business structure is more complex than a normal filing. We’re launching with educational programs in 4 major cities (one in the UK).  We’re also leveraging music, video and music collaboration products internationally.  This requires a very clear and transparent separation between the for-profit and the non-profit business.  We will literally have to create side-by-side organizations which share a common mission yet which have a clear separation of staff and assets. It’s crucial that no benefit from the non profit foundation migrate to the MiMFL for profit organization.

Timeline – As you would expect, starting the MiMFL Foundation will be no small endeavor.  We expect that it will take approximately 2 months to complete the application and make the necessary business structure changes.  After that, it will take the IRS anywhere from 2 months to 12 months to approve our application. In the meantime, we need to attract the right people to work in the foundation and set up the business structures necessary to enable transparent dealings between the for profit and non-profit entities.

How Much Money Do We Need? – In consideration of all the above factors, we estimate that we will need approximately $20k to get the application done properly for the MiMFL Foundation. This does not take in to account the staffing requirements, which will be addressed once we have 501(c)3 status. We appreciate anything you can give to help us on our way to creating the Foundation

Music Bootcamp

Music Boot Camp will express itself in various ways, from small cultural exchanges to massive projects transporting kids half way across the globe. At the top end, Music Boot Camp (Season 1) is a documentary series which focuses on the challenge of creating a meaningful album while drawing on a blend of cultures and genres. A combination of emotional journeys to various regions of Ghana, interviews with historians and musicologists, and narration create a sweeping documentary against the beautiful backdrop of Ghana and show the historical and cultural similarities across a diverse group of talented children. Commentary and anecdotes from a recognized and experienced narrator C. Daniel Dawson adds another level of authority to the project, while providing the viewer insight on the musical journey required for the children to achieve the lofty goal of completing an album in such a short period of time.

10 young teenage musicians will be paired with 10 teenage musicians from Ghana to create an album while under the direction of American and Ghanian master teachers and artists. The entire group will meet in Accra, Ghana for a 10 day intensive where the children will have impactful and life changing cultural experiences that will provide the backdrop for the album.

We need your help to further progress Music Bootcamp, an ambitious endeavor with significant requirements for investment, logistics, safety and creative / educational assistance.
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MiMFL Foundation 501(c)3 Status
We need you! Please donate to help us launch the MiMFL Foundation and to jumpstart 'Music Bootcamp' click through for detailas
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